3 Simple Ways You Can Make Friends @ Coffee Creek Church this Summer

This past Sunday in our "God on Film" series I taught on the strong relationship between Han Solo and Chewie. The key question asked during the teaching was: "Where do I find awesome friends?"

Today I want to give three simple ways you can make friends here at Coffee Creek Church:

#1 - Cool off in the Creeker Café.
I mentioned TIME is one of the key foundations to building friendships. So when the service is over, don’t rush to the parking lot. Take your time. Grab a cup of coffee in the Creeker Café and introduce yourself to someone. Stop by the Welcome Wall and meet one of our volunteers. If you have children in Creek Kids, talk to the other parents and the volunteers - head out for an impromptu play date on Creek Kids playground. No one is too busy to talk with you!

#2 - Go to lunch.
One of the best ways to “do life” with people is to join a small group. At Coffee Creek, we call them Community Groups, because we want community to develop there. There's not enough time to talk about life on Sunday morning. So these community groups meet in homes throughout the week. In the Fall Pastor Clark will be teaching on groups and helping launch new groups.

UNTIL THEN: Go to lunch with some folks you meet on Sundays. Quick lunch after church is an EXCELLENT and time-tested way to get to know some new folks. That way when the fall groups launch rolls around you've already got several friends you can ask to do life together with you in our new groups season! We've found that group life works best when you're simply asking people you are already friends with to hang out for prayer, bible study, and community!  (PLUS: We have 3 more FREE after-church lunch opportunities - June 17 // Father's Day Fish Fry, July 8 // Red, White & BBQ, & August 12 // Back-2-School Brunch)

#3 - Join a volunteer team.
This is one of the best ways to get to know people. No matter your stage in life, there’s a certain camaraderie from working together. For example, the 20 or so adults who work in our Guest Services ministry on Sundays, become like family. Serving at Coffee Creek Church is not complicated.

Just click here to sign up for info on serving at Coffee Creek.

Remember, "If you want a friend, be a friend!" Step out of your comfort zone a bit and you might just start something awesome...a new friendship!