H.O.S.T. Training

Before a big game, teams circle up, review the game plan, and hear a few motivational words from the coach. As your new group kicks things off, let’s do the same thing . . . let’s Circle Up!

During this 4-part study, specifically designed for new groups, you’ll learn how being connected relationally will help you grow spiritually. And you’ll talk about the surprisingly simple things you can do to make sure your group experience is a great one.

Below is our initial HOST Training with Pastor Clark. Simply click on the play button to begin your training - it's just about 10 minutes long! We also have resources and videos that are completely optional as you have interest or questions.

We believe people’s lives are changed one semester at a time by moving one step closer to Jesus Christ, and as a Community Group Host YOU get to play an important role in that process. 



For each session, this page will provide a few things:

  1. A weekly overview that will help you guide the conversation in your group 
  2. 60-Second Videos to give you some insight into each week's content and how that content applies to how you lead your group well
  3. Training videos and other resources pertaining to that week's topic that can help you grows as a leader.


Anthology is a digital collection of group study materials created and tested by North Point Ministries. These studies are designed to foster an environment primed for life change and spiritual growth, and they require almost no preparation. 

Each study comes with free video elements, and many of the accompanying study guides are free. We will be stocking printed study guides for many of these studies in our Community Groups resource center at Coffee Creek Church.


Optional Resources