Giving and Going to Haiti
Tuesday, January 12, 2010 was the day a devastating earthquake measuring 7.0 in magnitude rocked Port-Au-Prince, Haiti to its core. Including the 59 aftershocks, over 300,000 people died, 1.5 million were left homeless, and suddenly a country that already had 380,000 orphans became the home of over 750,000 orphans.

Coffee Creek Church first got involved with Haiti in January 2010 when we began partnering with relief organizations in the aftermath of widespread destruction in Haiti. By April we were collecting and sending "Buckets of Hope" through missions affiliates here in OKC. That December we received a Christmas Offering directed at helping to rebuild Haitian infrastructure.

In late 2013 we partnered with Kids Against Hunger Global to package food for international and local hunger relief. They fit our strategy to always to find incredible partners who know the people and their needs - and who will be there for the long-term. To date Coffee Creek has packaged nearly 75,000 meals for hunger relief. 

Two years later, in late 2015, we joined C3 Global, an international network of churches which supports orphanages in Haiti, making a life-changing difference for these children & their staff.

Your partnership with us helps feed, provide clean drinking water, and open up opportunities for self-sufficiency through local orphanages.

We are now making plans for our next step of engagement with Haiti missions. In late 2017/early 2018 to send out our first discipleship teams of Creekers to Haiti. Coffee Creek’s Discipleship Trips to Haiti will represent a powerful way for individuals or groups to make an impact and be impacted, and these trips will create a first international discipleship experience for many of our members. Training for our trips generally involves 5-6 meetings across a 2-month period.