DOLLARS & SENSE - Part 1/3

Community Group Conversation Starters
DOLLARS & SENSE – Part 1/3
Pastor Clark Frailey

November 5, 2017

BIG IDEA: Money is neutral. It’s what we do with money that matters.

SCRIPTURE: Matthew 25:14-30, Luke 16:11-13

BACKGROUND:  Jesus spent more time talking about money than he did talking about heaven and hell. Either we manage our finances in line with God’s Word or our finances will cause problems in our lives. As you read through this lesson’s Scriptures about talents, think about the enormous amount of wealth the master is entrusting to his servants or managers. In our lives, everything we own is similarly on loan from God.  Just like the servants in this story, it is our responsibility to use our possessions wisely and when we do, God blesses us. In this discussion, we’ll look at what Jesus teaches us about how to do this.


1) ICE BREAKER:  What's your favorite part of helping out others? Why does giving make us feel good? 

2) Who owned the wealth or property described in Matthew 25:14?

3) Thinking of this Bible verse as a parable, whom does the man going on a journey represent, and whom do the servants represent?

4)  Why is it hard to accept the concept that our possessions really belong to God?

5) According to Matthew 25:15, what process did the man use to decide how to allocate his money?

6) In this story, the servants all received different amounts but each servant received something. In what ways is this an analogy to our lives today if we consider that the servants in this story represent us?

APPLICATION: Read Luke 16:11-13.

None of us knows when we will be called by God to make an account to him for how we have used the talents he entrusted to us.  For some that accounting will come tonight or tomorrow, for others it will be years away.  When that time arrives for you, will you be hearing affirmation from God, be given a promotion and sharing in the celebration of heaven?  As you read Luke 16:11-13, ask yourself who you really serve.  There can only be one number one in our lives.  If God is not number one, what do you need to change?    

Money is a test of your trust.  It is a terrible master but a good servant.  Pray and ask God to take away any fear you may have regarding your stewardship of the finances he has entrusted into your care.  Ask Jesus to be your life manager and watch what he does.