DOLLARS & SENSE - Part 2/3

Community Group Conversation Starters
DOLLARS & SENSE – Part 2/3
Pastor Clark Frailey

November 12, 2017

BIG IDEA: Money is neutral. It’s what we do with money that matters.

SCRIPTURE: Matthew 25:14-30, Romans 14:12

BACKGROUND:  Jesus spent more time talking about money than he did talking about heaven and hell. Either we manage our finances in line with God’s Word or our finances will cause problems in our lives. As you read through this lesson’s Scriptures about talents, think about the enormous amount of wealth the master is entrusting to his servants or managers. In our lives, everything we own is similarly on loan from God.  Just like the servants in this story, it is our responsibility to use our possessions wisely and when we do, God blesses us. In this discussion, we’ll look at what Jesus teaches us about how to do this.


1) ICE BREAKER:  Pastor Clark shared an embarrassing fear he had as a child. What's something you were afraid of as a kid? Why do you think it seemed so scary at the time? Did you face the fear? How did that change your perspective?

2) In Matthew 25:19-20, what objective does the master of the servants have? Whom does the servant in Matthew 25:24-25 blame for his behavior?

3) What are some current examples of people blaming other individuals or institutions for their own failures?

4) In verse 25, what reason did the third servant give for not investing the master’s money What keeps us from using our talents, investing our lives, or moving to financial freedom?

5) Pastor Clark quoted Bob Goff, "What we do with our love is where we are in our faith. We’re rivers, not reservoirs." How do you respond to this idea? Agree or disagree? Why?

APPLICATION: Read Hebrews 11:6

It is impossible for us to say that we fully trust God if we are not willing to be generous people and love others through doing good. If one of the clearest indicators of our faith is what we do with our love - how could you begin to fully trust God this week and express that kind of life-giving faith?