Community Group Conversation Starters
Pastor Clark Frailey

October 29, 2017

BIG IDEA: Life is too good not to love others!

SCRIPTURE: Revelation 3:16, John 13:34-35

BACKGROUND:  On Sunday Pastor Clark explored the idea of how the Old Covenant ended or was fulfilled in Jesus. The New Covenant (like a cell phone contract) is now in place and Jesus gave a new commandment through that (John 13).


1) ICE BREAKER:  Name a time you tried to "fake it" at work with energy, composure, or information when you didn't really have it altogether. 

2) Why do you think we so often get bogged down in going through the motions spiritually?

3) What is it about the lukewarm that would make God speak so strongly in Revelation 3?

3) Why do you think we humans prefer layers to simpler ideas and actions? Why would we not simply love each other instead of worrying about rules and complexity?

4) What about your life--can you name a time that you found it easier to do or not do something instead of loving others?

5) How can we as a group encourage one another to look for opportunities at work, home, neighborhood, or school to love others?

APPLICATION: We ended the message with a simple application: When you're not sure what to say or do, do what love requires of you. How might that be the most difficult thing we ever accomplish if we really lived that out? How might it shape our community?